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Combining the personal touch with a digital experience through NFC contactless business cards & devices.

introducing cappd technology.
In pursuit of our commitment to redefine the digital experience, cappd. is excited to be able to introduce the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) & dynamic QR code technology into your business strategy.
Imagine your audience effortlessly tapping their devices to unlock exclusive content, access promotions, or engage in immersive experiences, all while preserving the authenticity that defines your brand.
Embracing the transformative capabilities of technology, we recognise that true innovation lies in our ability to seamlessly merge the digital landscape with a personal touch. At cappd., we break down the traditional boundaries by offering a tangible connection between the digital and physical worlds.
introduction to cappd technology
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At cappd. we’re committed to prioritising environmental sustainability in every aspect of our operations. 

We take pride in our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint, and one significant way we contribute to this effort is through our conscientious choice of packaging materials. 

We utilise recycled and recyclable packaging for our products, ensuring that not only do we deliver high-quality goods, but we also do so with the utmost consideration for the planet. 

But… you can help us go one step further! Visit our sustainability page to find out more about the lengths we’re going to at cappd. to deliver a sustainable solution to an ever growing priority for businesses.

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