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do you want to stand out?

with a cappd. NFC contactless business card or device, standing out in the crowd will not be difficult.

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redefining the possibilities.

At cappd., we’re redefining the possibilities of NFC technology. Our range of NFC devices, including contactless business cards, tags, and stickers, isn’t just about traditional networking or information sharing – it’s about unlocking a world of endless possibilities.

Each contactless business card or device serves as a versatile tool with multiple use cases, empowering you to explore innovative applications across various industries and scenarios. Whether it’s streamlining your networking efforts with our NFC contactless business cards, enhancing product traceability with NFC tags, or creating interactive marketing experiences with NFC stickers, the potential is limitless.

Discover the myriad uses of NFC technology on our technology page and join us in unlocking new opportunities with Cappd’s NFC contactless business cards & devices.

matt black metal business card.

The cappd. black NFC metal contactless business card. Crafted from premium materials, our metal cards are not only the most durable but also the most eye-catching devices we offer. Elevate your brand presence with stylish branding options, including a silver or gold reveal following the etching of your logo, complemented by an etched QR code on the reverse side. Customise your metal card further by opting for printing on both the front and back, or explore the dynamic combination of laser etching and print to create a truly impactful design.

Black MetalCrop
White MetalCrop
matt white metal business card.

Another standout offering from cappd. Renowned for its durability and sleek aesthetic, our white metal card is sure to make a lasting impression. Customise your card with a striking gold reveal, beautifully etched with your brand logo, accompanied by a QR code on the reverse for seamless connectivity. Whether you prefer printing on both sides or a mix of laser etching and print, our white metal card offers endless possibilities to showcase your brand with sophistication and style. Elevate your branding game with cappd’s white metal NFC contactless business card – where durability meets elegance.

matt black recyclable PVC business card.

A sustainable yet stylish option in the cappd. lineup. While these contactless business cards can’t be etched like our metal counterparts, they boast full-colour UV printing capabilities. Elevate your branding with vibrant colours and intricate designs, perfectly captured on the PVC surface. For added visual impact, opt for gloss spot UV, ensuring your logo shines bright and stands out from the crowd. With cappd’s recyclable PVC business cards, you can showcase your brand with eco-consciousness and flair, making a statement while minimising environmental impact.

Black PVCCrop
White PVCCrop
matt white recyclable PVC business card.

Introducing our white PVC NFC contactless business cards – a sleek and versatile option within the cappd. collection. These cards offer full-colour UV printing, allowing you to showcase your brand with vivid imagery and bold designs. While etching may not be an option, the white PVC surface serves as the perfect canvas for your creativity to shine. Elevate your branding further with the option of gloss spot UV, adding a touch of sophistication and ensuring your logo stands out with unparalleled clarity. With cappd’s white PVC business cards, you can make a memorable impression while staying environmentally conscious and stylish.

black or white NFC tags & stickers.

Last, but not least is our white PVC NFC tags and stickers. These are a versatile tool for a multitude of applications, available in 17mm and 30mm sizes.

We keep in stock pre-printed tags & stickers, but if you want to make them your own we can offer the tags & stickers with the same high-quality full-colour UV printing capabilities as our PVC NFC business cards, allowing you to showcase your brand or design with vibrant clarity.

These compact yet impactful items are perfect for a range of uses, including applying to your phone cover for personalised flair.

With cappd’s white or black PVC NFC tags and stickers, the possibilities are endless – from branding to personalisation, these versatile accessories are sure to make a statement wherever they go.

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