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the sustainable choice.

For a world where we all need to be conscious of the impact our business has on the environment.

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for a more sustainable future.

cappd., where sustainability meets innovation in the world of business cards & personalised digital communications. In an era marked by increasing environmental awareness, traditional paper business cards are evolving into a more eco-friendly solution: cappd. NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless business cards & devices.

At cappd., we understand the importance of reducing paper waste and carbon footprint while maintaining efficient sales, marketing, and networking practices. capped. NFC business cards & devices offer a digital alternative that transcends the limitations of traditional paper cards. With NFC technology embedded within these cards & devices, users can exchange contact information, portfolios, and social media profiles with a simple tap of their smartphone. This seamless interaction not only enhances networking efficiency but also significantly reduces paper usage, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Crafted from durable materials, cappd. NFC contactless business cards & devices are designed to withstand the test of time, eliminating the need for frequent reprints and further reducing environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production & packaging processes, where we prioritise eco-friendly materials and practices to minimise waste and energy consumption.

Embrace the future of sales, marketing, and networking with cappd. NFC contactless business cards & devices – where sustainability, innovation, and connectivity converge to shape a more environmentally conscious business landscape

environmental, social & corporate governance benefits.

At cappd., we’re committed to addressing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations with our contactless business card solutions. 

Our NFC contactless business cards & devices offer a holistic approach to sustainability, aligning with responsible consumption practices and minimising the environmental impact associated with traditional card production, printing, and distribution. 

By embracing cutting-edge technology, our solutions showcase your organisation as an adopter of innovative and sustainable business practices, demonstrating a commitment to ESG principles. 

With seamless networking capabilities, our NFC business cards & devices not only streamline your networking efforts but also foster stronger connections, contributing to positive social interactions. 

Additionally, by reducing the need for frequent reprints and eliminating paper waste, you contribute to reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint, thus fulfilling governance responsibilities.

Showcase your dedication to ESG values while embracing innovative and environmentally conscious business solutions with capped. NFC contactless business cards & devices.

Ticking all the boxes


cappd. technology provide a seamless and interactive user experience. This positive & engaging interaction contributes to a favourable perception of your brand and can lead to increased customer satisfaction.


Minimise the environmental impact associated with traditional card production, printing, and distribution. Opt for a resource-efficient solution that aligns with responsible consumption practices.

Innovation &

Embrace cutting-edge technology that sets you apart in a competitive landscape. Showcase your organisation as an early adopter of innovative and sustainable business solutions with cappd. devices.


Streamline your networking efforts with a simple tap, enabling instant sharing of contact information. Foster stronger connections by providing a memorable and technologically advanced interaction.

Carbon Footprint.

cappd. cards contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for traditional paper business cards. This sustainable approach can resonate positively with your audience that values CSR initiatives.

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At cappd. we’re committed to prioritising environmental sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

We take pride in our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint, and one significant way we contribute to this effort is through our conscientious choice of packaging materials.

We utilise recycled and recyclable packaging for our products, ensuring that not only do we deliver high-quality goods, but we also do so with the utmost consideration for the planet.

But… you can help us go one step further!

If, as an organisation, you order multiple capped. cards, we will give you the option to receive your capped. delivery with minimal packaging, further reducing the impact on the environment in the processing of waste.

If you choose this option we will add £0.50 to our cappd. eco funding pot for every card you order. Environmentally & sustainability focused charities can then apply to this fund for a contribution to their cause.

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